Lady of the Hour


Kate Cassidy: Founder, Designer, Maker

A Note From Kate:

GOLDEN HOUR garments are made with love by Kate Cassidy in Kensington, Philadelphia. Each item is hand sewn and never mass produced. Only a few versions of each outfit are available, as most pieces are made from sustainable deadstock textiles. Kate Cassidy is a self-taught designer and seamstress. All designs and every stitch is her own. 


I love the bewitching magic of Golden Hour.

It's my favorite time of day— when the light shifts and shadows lengthen, covering the world in a warm blanket of gold. GOLDEN HOUR is inspired by the architectural bend of shadows and the spread of light during the magic of dusk and dawn.  


When I put on a GOLDEN HOUR garment, I feel magic and hope you will, too. 

- Kate Cassidy, Founder